Guillermo Lasso - Ecuador is Back

In an exclusive Op-Ed for LatAm INVESTOR, Ecuador's new President, Guillermo Lasso, explains why he is reopening his country's economy to international investors...

In the last presidential elections, the Ecuadorian people gave their massive support to a government that will be a friend to the world. A government that today is formed by citizens that have the creation of employment and post-pandemic economic reactivation as their priority.

More than anything, we are a government that understands the importance of investment for economic growth. We also know that the best way to build a solid presence in the world is by forming friendships with all of the countries, instead of turning our backs, which sadly was the norm over the last 15 years.

It is well known in the international community that Ecuador is a land with touristic, human and economic potential without limits. The difference is that this government understands that, while all of that is of vital importance, we must also establish a stable framework for investment.

For that reason, today we are beginning a new era in which the name of Ecuador will not only be synonymous with natural riches, beautiful landscapes and blessed climate, but also with legal security, respect of the independence of different branches of the state and human rights.

Together, Ecuador and the world, has a marvellous future to build. Today, because of various situations happening in the region, we are a unique strategic partner. All of us who believe in the rule of law, individual liberty and human rights have a challenge in the coming years. It is time to show that our values are the path to forge societies that are more advanced, prosperous and, above all, more equal. We should cooperate to demonstrate that economic opening and legal security are the path to bring prosperity to every corner of the planet.

More Ecuador in the world and more of the world in Ecuador

That’s why our foreign policy is epitomised in the motto: “More Ecuador in the world and more of the world in Ecuador.” That reflects our firm belief in a world of shared prosperity, which is not just good in itself but also because we know that where there is prosperity there will also be political stability. Where there is free and fair trade, there is peace. We believe that attracting investment, together with all of the work that we will develop with our partners in the world, will create an example of stability that will mark a new direction for Latin America.

To that end, in barely 30 days, we have taken firm steps that confirm our will for cooperation and openness. We have begun negotiations to shortly join the Pacific Alliance. We have passed a decree to reduce red tape and ease investment into the country. We are organising a large investment forum with the Inter-American Development Bank, that will take place in the coming months. By the end of 2021 we will have a Single Window for Investments up and running. This digital platform will have all the information that international investors need to invest in our country. In that way, with actions, we are proving what I said in my inauguration speech on the 24th of May: “Ecuador opens its doors to international trade. We are open for business.”

Finally, to all of the readers of this prestigious magazine, I say, invest in Ecuador. Believe in our country and its new leadership. We hope to see you in person very soon to give you the welcome to this wonderful land of opportunities. Here there is a whole new world to build, full of dreams that we share to today and that tomorrow, together, we will achieve.